Mammoth Weather, Road Condition

Mammoth Lakes Weather (Zip Code 93546)

Current Conditions For Toms Place, CA 93546
Temperature: 68°
Wind: 140° 5 mph
Humidity: 30%
Clear - Visibility 10 Miles
5 Day Forecast
Wednesday - Aug 4th
High: 78°
Low: 54°
Wind: 6.45 mph
Humidity: 30%
Clear throughout the day.
Chance of 2%
Thursday - Aug 5th
High: 75°
Low: 47°
Wind: 9.35 mph
Humidity: 25%
Clear throughout the day.
Friday - Aug 6th
High: 75°
Low: 50°
Wind: 5.18 mph
Humidity: 18%
Clear throughout the day.
Saturday - Aug 7th
High: 73°
Low: 51°
Wind: 4.86 mph
Humidity: 23%
Clear throughout the day.
Sunday - Aug 8th
High: 74°
Low: 50°
Wind: 5.46 mph
Humidity: 20%
Clear throughout the day.
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Mammoth Lakes Road Conditions

Mammoth Mountain can be have severe weather. If you are planning a trip we recommend checking the road information on the California Transportation website. Travel safely! Remember to carry chains when recommended.